Alberta Physical Abilities Readiness Evaluation for Police Officers

The Alberta Physical Abilities Readiness Evaluation for Police Officers (A-PREP) is the assessment standard to determine the physical suitability of an applicant. This assessment gives applicants a sample of what it takes to be a police officer. Job simulation tasks put applicants in demanding conditions often faced by police officers.

A-PREP has three parts:

  1. A medical screening questionnaire.
  2. A pursuit/restraint circuit that mimics tasks that may be performed on the job.
  3. A multi-stage shuttle run that assesses cardiorespiratory fitness

An A-PREP pass is valid for six months. If the first attempt is not successful, an applicant may take it a second time on the next available testing session date. Further failures after the second attempt will result in a two-month waiting period for each successive fail.

Research shows that attending an A-PREP Orientation session increases the application success rate for recruits. We highly encourage you to attend one of these sessions as it is a great way to learn about the A-PREP protocol, how to effectively train for it, and you will be given technical advice on how to perform each of the tasks. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions and practice the physical tasks in the A-PREP.

A-PREP Fit to Serve 6 Weeks to a better Leger

A-PREP Practice (Push/Pull/Restraint Simulator only)

At this time, sessions are reserved for applicants who have submitted an active online application and have written/passed the APCAT Exam.

These practice sessions are facilitated by recruiters. Those who attend this session will have the opportunity to try out the A-PREP equipment (Body Control Simulator and Arm Restraint Simulator) and the opportunity to ask questions. Sessions are currently limited.

Please connect with our office to register for an upcoming practice session.

A-PREP Orientation

Please Note: The A-PREP Orientation is open to those with an active application or who have successfully completed the written testing stage of the application process. All others will be placed on a waitlist and invited to join should a vacancy occur.

The orientation session is facilitated by a certified A-PREP Appraiser. Those who attend this orientation session with a valid medical clearance for A-PREP will also have the opportunity to run the Leger Shuttle run to Stage 7. Those who do not have an A-PREP medical clearance will only be allowed to run to Stage 3.5. The medical clearance forms will be emailed to you upon registration and are valid for 6 months. The opportunity to participate in the Leger Shuttle run is not mandatory.


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