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From training and mentorship to supporting you as an active officer, the EPS team has your back. We pride ourselves on our inclusive culture where each member of the EPS feels valued and respected.

The reason for our shared successes? We want you to bring who you are – your unique perspectives, background, and experiences. Together, we can build a safer and stronger community for all.

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Salary & Benefits

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Training & Career Growth

It pays to work at EPS

EPS employees are set up for success in all aspects of police employment. In addition to offering an exciting and rewarding career, EPS officers hit the ground running with a starting salary of $76,291 from your first day of training, because we value the skills, qualifications, and commitment you dedicate to our community.

In addition to salary, EPS provides a comprehensive benefits package to support employees professionally and personally:

Salary & Benefits

  • Pension Plan: EPS employees secure their future with the Special Forces Pension Plan, allowing access to a pension after twenty-five years of service.
  • Moving Allowance: Successful applicants from outside of Alberta are eligible for moving expenses, ranging from $1,000 for new recruits to $5,000 for experienced officers.
  • Health & Life Insurance Plans: Our comprehensive health & life insurance coverage ensures the well-being of our team members and their families.
  • Career Counselling: Our Employee Assistance Programs deliver confidential, professional support to help you and your family navigate personal and work-related challenges with a variety of resources including mental health support, counselling services, and wellness plans.
  • Paid Leave: EPS members benefit from paid vacation, sick leave and more, allowing ample time to rest and spend quality time with loved ones.

Where shared values meet diverse perspectives

At the EPS, we protect with purpose and serve with care, striving to foster an environment where every voice is valued and diverse perspectives are embraced. Together, we share values of integrity, accountability, respect, innovation, courage and community. These guiding principles set the foundation of what it means to be an EPS officer.

With over a million residents, EPS officers work closely with Edmonton’s diverse communities to strengthen public trust, and foster safety and respect for all its citizens.







Over 100 different positions to grow & advance your career

EPS offers one of Canada’s best training programs. Our employees undergo extensive training to ensure they can handle a wide variety of situations and tasks.

With over 100 different positions available, all EPS police officers have the opportunity to grow and advance their skills. From community & prevention to specialized units to leadership roles, all officers can tailor their career progression along well-developed career paths.

Get paid to learn

With specialized continuing education programs developed with the University of Alberta, Athabasca University, and other accredited institutions members who pursue additional training or education may be eligible to receive reimbursement.

We’re hiring the next generation of police officers. Are you ready?

Why Live in Edmonton

Edmonton is praised for its strong community spirit; aligning cultural diversity, vibrant arts, a thriving food scene, professional sports and outdoor activities. So what makes Edmonton a great place to live?

  • Affordable housing & cost of living with single detached family homes averaging 400-450k
  • Geographically located close to an International Airport, and a gateway to Jasper National Park, and the Rocky Mountains (learn more)
  • Known as the City of Festivals, Edmonton ranks in the top 100 best cities to live in, year after year (Resonance Consultancy International, Top 100 Global Cities


Our Officers

Detective Amanda Johnson's journey into policing was inspired by her father, an RCMP member

Amanda Johnson

With 12 years of experience in policing for the EPS, Chelsea has traversed various roles, including patrol, drug investigations, and member support/critical stress management

Chelsea Elmquist

Now in his ninth year with the EPS, Constable Bryan Alm has served in various roles, including Patrol and the Community Assertive Services Team

Bryan Alm

Hailing from Ghanaian heritage, Kwaku Boateng is a first-generation Canadian who values the opportunity to engage with diverse communities daily

Kwaku Boateng

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