The EPS Salary Schedule

EPS employees are set up for success in all aspects of police employment. In addition to offering an exciting and rewarding career, EPS offers a competitive salary on a graduated scale based on length of service. The annual constable salary ranges from $76,291 to $124,119. A yearly promotional process allows employees to transition into a higher rank based on their performance.

Base salary at any rank can increase if the officer works:

  • Overtime
  • Court time on days off and/or time off
  • Night shifts
  • Statutory holidays
  • Voluntary special event policing shifts

Additional pay exists in the following categories:

  • Shift Differential: Members who work a shift where half or more of that shift falls between the hours of 4 pm and midnight receive an extra $1.10 an hour. Members who work a shift where half or more of that shift falls between the hours of midnight and 8 am receive an extra $1.20 an hour.
  • Police Training Officer (PTO) Pay: PTO premium pay is offered to constables assigned to train recruits. PTO’s receive an extra $2 an hour for the duration of the designated training period.
  • Police Boot Allowance: All uniform members receive an annual allowance of $597 that can be used for uniform tailoring or to purchase new patrol boots.

All salaries listed below are base salaries prior to deductions.

Rank Annual* Bi-weekly* Hourly*
1st Year Constable $76,291  $2,923  $36.53  
2nd Year Constable $80,843 $3,097   $38.71
3rd Year Constable $94,512 $3,621 $45.26
4th Year Constable $103,619 $3,970 $49.62
5th Year Constable $113,869 $4,363 $54.53
Sr. Constable, Level I

(8 Years Complete)

$121,838 $4,668 $58.35
Sr. Constable, Level II

(11 Years Complete)

$124,119 $4,756 $59.44
Sergeant /Detective $136,644 $5,235 $65.44
Staff Sergeant $150,307 $5,759 $71.98

*Effective December 18, 2022


EPS provides an exceptional benefits package. Paid vacation, medical and dental plans, life insurance plans, professional development courses, tuition reimbursement, career counselling, and employee assistance programs are just a sample of what we offer to improve the quality of life and well-being of our members.

Work Schedule

  • 10-12 hour shifts
  • 4 days consecutive of the same shift
  • 4 days on then 4 days off
  • Exceptions when you have:
    • Mandatory training
    • Court

Health & Life Insurance Plans

EPS is aware of the job’s challenges and is committed to supporting the team. As such, EPS offers comprehensive health and life insurance coverage that ensures the well-being of employees and their families.

Moving Allowance

Applicants who reside outside Alberta at the time of hire will be eligible for reimbursement of up to $1,000 to cover moving expenses. Plus, eligible experienced officers receive up to $5,000 for moving expenses.

Pension Plan

As soon as a recruit begins training they can start contributing toward the Special Forces Pension Plan. Members can receive a pension after 25 years of service.

Career Counselling & Employee Assistance Programs

Our EAP is tailored to you, as an officer, and provides confidential, professional support to help you and your family navigate personal and work-related challenges, including mental health support, counselling services, and wellness resources.

Professional Development & Tuition Reimbursement

Programs have been developed with the University of Alberta, Athabasca University and other accredited post-secondary institutions to provide members with the opportunity to enhance their skills. Members who pursue additional training or education may be eligible to receive reimbursement. Financial assistance may also be provided to members seeking full-time educational leave.


Length of Service Complete Annual Allotted Vacation
1-7 Years 3 weeks of vacation
8-16 Years 4 weeks of vacation
17-22 Years 5 weeks of vacation
23+ Years 6 weeks of vacation

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