EPS offers one of Canada’s best training programs.

All new, out-of-province and international applicants undergo the same basic recruit training to ensure members can handle a wide variety of situations and tasks. This training occurs in classrooms, at specialized training facilities, and with a qualified Police Training Officer for hands-on learning and mentorship. All training is provided Monday-Friday in Edmonton; allowing recruits to be home evenings and weekends during this time.


Academy Foundations Training

Graduation from Academy

Field Development

Post Foundational Assessment

Independent Active Duty

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New Applicants

Experienced Officer Program (EOP) Training

Step 1: Academy Foundations Training

Length of time: 1 week orientation + 27 weeks

All recruits must complete Academy Foundations Training in Edmonton to become an officer with the EPS. Foundations training occurs in a 50/50 mixed classroom and practical format.

Topics covered within Foundations include:

  • Legal Studies – Criminal, Provincial Acts/Bylaws/Traffic Law
  • Documentation and Articulation (Report Writing)
  • Officer Safety Training
  • Firearms Training
  • Police Vehicle Operations
  • Call and Patrol Simulation Training
  • Fitness Training
  • Fundamentals of Police Investigations
  • Communication and De-escalation Training
  • Divisional Contextual Learning and Experiential Learning
  • Community-Based Policing & Problem Solving

Step 2: Graduation from Academy

After successfully completing the requirements of the Academy Foundations Program recruits will participate in a graduation ceremony that is steeped in tradition and pride.

Step 3: Field Development (PTO Program)

Length of time: 15 sets of shifts, typically 4 days on and 4 days off

Following successful Foundation training, recruits join a patrol squad in one of the six EPS operational divisions in the EPS’ catchment area and are partnered with a trained Police Training Officer (PTO). Your PTO is your mentor and guide and will help you put your Foundations training into practice, strengthening your skills and providing a practical example of active police duty.

Step 4: Post-Foundational Assessment and Development

Length of time: 3 weeks

This period is targeted towards assessing the skills and knowledge you have learned in the previous two stages. Don’t worry if you don’t know it all! This stage is geared towards filling in gaps, ensuring that you are supported as we maximize your individual potential.

Step 5: Independent Active Duty

The EPS training program is developed to allow EPS recruits to begin working independently as soon as nine months from the start of Academy Foundations training. While you are now considered an independent officer, you will still be learning new skills and encountering new situations every day – for the rest of your career. The EPS ensures that you have close support from squad mates, mentors, and career development professionals to ensure you continue to thrive and build your career in exciting ways.

The training for an experienced officer consists of an eight-week assessment and training period within the EOP.

Candidates are provided with EPS-specific information prior to and throughout their training. Most of this training occurs at the Northwest Police Campus in Edmonton.

During this time, the experienced officers will review and learn various skills and EPS-related policies and procedures:

  • skills assessments
  • reasonable officer response training
  • documentation and articulation
  • academics
  • EPS-specific procedures

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