Behavioural Descriptive Interview (BDI)

The Behavioural Descriptive Interview (BDI) workshop is designed to help applicants better understand and prepare for the BDI interview exam.

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BDI Exam

The BDI exam is conducted to assess past behaviour as a predictor of future behaviour. The BDI consists of a series of behavioural questions related to experiences or events in the applicant’s past, designed to evaluate an applicant’s competencies. Specifically, the competencies being assessed are those required of an EPS officer. These are:

  • Adaptability/decisiveness
  • Initiative/perseverance
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Stress management
  • Valuing service and diversity

The BDI is conducted by retired members of the EPS who have worked in a variety of areas within the EPS and have specific interview training. Within the BDI, applicants must clearly describe a particular experience, including how the situation was handled, and the result. Common interview errors that may put an applicant’s interview in jeopardy are:

  • Poor personal hygiene and dress
  • Lack of tact and/or overconfidence
  • Lack of interest and enthusiasm
  • Failure to maintain eye contact (assertiveness)
  • Lack of preparation for the interview
  • Using examples that happened more than 5 years ago
  • Tardiness

BDI Interviews are booked through the recruiting office in Stage 4 of the application process (link to application process page). In order to help you prepare for the BDI exam, EPS offers BDI workshops.

BDI Workshop

Time: 1:30 pm & 6:00 pm on select weekdays
Length: 60 – 90 minutes
Location: Recruit Selection Office – 11638 – 142 Street NW, Edmonton AB.

Online BDI Workshop: (reserved for out-of-town applicants)

Time: 1:30 pm (on select weekdays)
Length: 45-60 minutes
Location: Online via Teams meeting

Online BDI Video:

Length: 5 minutes 30 seconds
Format: Youtube [insert link]


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