Experienced Officer Program (EOP)

Experienced police officers in Canadian police services are eligible to apply through the Experienced Officer Program (EOP).

Recruitment is ongoing for the EOP program; EPS typically schedules two classes per year, but makes every effort to accommodate qualified applicants into a regular recruit training class or offer a pre-hire position if applicable.

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Minimum Requirements

  • Experience
    • Applicant must have been, or currently is, a sworn police officer with full constable status serving with a Canadian municipal or provincial police service, or with the RCMP.
    • Have been a police officer within one year of application if they have less than five years of previous police experience; or
    • Have been a police officer within two years of application if they have five or more years of previous police experience.
    • Have a minimum of 18 months of continuous police service, inclusive of basic recruit training.
  • Be eligible for an honourable discharge from the police service of which they are currently a member.
  • Applicants to the program must not have any criminal convictions for which a pardon has not been granted, nor have any outstanding criminal or internal investigations prior to an offer of employment being made.
  • Have an exemplary police service record and performance history.
  • Meet the EPS lateral entry requirements with respect to the online application form, Criminal Law and Officer Safety Exam, physical fitness testing, interviews, polygraph testing, psychological testing, medical examination, background investigations, and approval by the selection committee.

Benefits Overview

Successful applicants receive:

  • Up to $5,000 in transition allowance covering moving costs
  • Accelerated training format of only 5 weeks (compared to 27 weeks for new recruits)
  • Salary lateral adjusted to years of service.
    • Salary laterals allow for equivalent years of service and may be treated and assessed individually
  • Pension transfer options and eligibility vary across police agencies and provincial regulations. Instruction on eligibility assessment can be provided upon request
  • Vacation offered for years of experience, assessed individually
  • Pre-hire positions are available for successful applicants, subject to approval by the Edmonton Police Service. Further information can be provided upon request

Career Overview

  • Promotion opportunities occur annually, offering a wide range of positions for qualified officers to rocket their career within the EPS
  • Career options include over 100 different roles across multiple units including exclusive units such as Flight Ops and Canine
  • Ongoing tailored continued education and skills development
  • Access to a comprehensive array of physical health and mental health resources along with being part of an organization that prioritizes the wellbeing of its team members and their families.

Only submissions regarding the EOP Program will be accepted.

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