Kwaku Boateng


Hailing from Ghanaian heritage, Kwaku Boateng is a first-generation Canadian who values the opportunity to engage with diverse communities daily. Now entering his eighth year with the Edmonton Police Service, Constable Boateng has honed his skills across various roles, including Patrol, Investigations, Warrant Apprehension/Diversion, and Northwest Beats.

For Kwaku, the EPS provides a conducive work-life balance and ample opportunities for professional growth. He finds fulfillment in patrol duty, relishing the chance to assist individuals from all walks of life.

Kwaku’s advice for aspiring officers emphasizes the importance of maintaining hobbies and nurturing healthy relationships to cope with the stresses of the job. He encourages newcomers to embrace the learning curve and not shy away from making mistakes, relying on the support of squad mates for guidance and encouragement. Outside of duty, Kwaku enjoys competitive soccer, viewing it as a vital outlet for physical and mental rejuvenation.