Benjamin Carnegie


With over 17 years of policing experience in Western Canada, Constable Ben Carnegie recently joined the EPS in 2023. Making the switch allowed Ben to pursue his career goals while balancing family life.

“I made the switch for my work-life balance. EPS supports that – here I was offered new challenges with big-city policing opportunities, knowing I can grow, and have the opportunity to move around within a large organization was appealing” says Ben.

“As an EOP, EPS recognized and welcomed my previous experience as a police officer during my training, in my squad and during my day to day duties. EPS also recognized my previous years of experience by matching pay and holiday time which is a large deciding factor in my career move”.

When asked what aspects of a policing career drew Ben to Edmonton, he replies, “my previous work led me to BC, however in the past few years I’d moved back to the Edmonton area – getting used to the cold winters took some time” he says with a laugh. Aside from acclimatising, Edmonton was the right move for affordability, stability, my family and my career. Every step of the way EPS supported my decision and answered every question.”

“In addition, this City has been so welcoming – recently I was thanked for my service so It’s validating to hear public support for the work we do. Oh, and my family and I love to try new restaurants, spend time outdoors and head to the mountains, so another bonus for us to be here”.