Brett Earley


Constable Brett Earley’s drive to join the police service was sparked early. “My house was broken into when I was a child. My Super Nintendo was stolen and I was told that there was nothing the police could do to find it. I didn’t like how the message was delivered and the feeling of being helpless to get my property back. I wanted to find it and didn’t want anyone to feel the same way I did. That always stuck with me. Like my favorite superheroes, I knew I could try helping others”.

His journey has taken him through various roles in patrol, dispatch, and currently, the Community Engagement Team, where he finds fulfillment in fostering positive connections with the community.

Brett emphasizes the rewarding nature of police work and the character-building challenges of recruit training. He encourages new applicants to embrace the diverse opportunities the job offers, noting that unexpected paths can lead to fulfilling experiences: “You start with recruit training and that is tough, but it builds great character and sets you up [for success]. There are many avenues you can explore on the job that lead to rewarding work. It might take you somewhere unexpected!”

Outside of work, Brett is a dedicated father, a passionate wrestling fan, and an enthusiast of pop culture, toy collecting, figure photography, and board gaming. His diverse interests reflect his vibrant personality and underscore his commitment to both professional and personal pursuits.