Lauren Croxford


Constable Lauren Croxford brings fifteen years of diverse experience to her role with the Edmonton Police Service (EPS). From Patrol and Recruit Training to Drug/Undercover work, she has garnered valuable insights that enhance her effectiveness as a police officer. Currently serving as a Police Service Dog handler in the Canine Unit, Lauren finds immense fulfillment in her role, emphasizing the rewarding partnership she shares with her furry colleagues.

What sets EPS apart for Lauren is the multitude of career opportunities within the organization. By following her personal interests, she has navigated a fulfilling career path that aligns with her passions. The camaraderie among colleagues and the strong sense of teamwork are central to her positive experiences at EPS, where laughter and support are commonplace.

Lauren’s advice for aspiring officers is simple yet powerful: perseverance and dedication are key. She encourages individuals to pursue their goals relentlessly and emphasizes the importance of staying invested in their career for the right reasons. Outside of work, Lauren stays active with soccer and marathon running, cherishing moments spent with her 14-year-old Black lab mix when she’s not on duty with her Police Service Dog.