Tyson Zelisko


Constable Tyson Zelisko embarked on his policing journey in 2020, currently serving in Patrol with the Northwest Division. In his nearly three years of service, he finds fulfillment in the diversity of calls and the dynamic nature of his role. For Tyson, policing offers constant movement and excitement, never leaving him bored.

Reflecting on his career choice, Tyson recalls being captivated by police shows during his upbringing. Throughout high school, he remained steadfast in his pursuit of policing, driven by the desire to help people in various situations. Today, that passion remains undiminished, fueling his dedication to the profession.

As a new applicant, Tyson encourages others to engage with the recruiting team and seek guidance from current EPS officers. Drawing from his own experience, he highlights the value of gathering insights and resources to inform career decisions. Outside of duty, Tyson finds solace in travelling and exploring the outdoors with loved ones, particularly in the scenic Rockies.